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Turtles stencils on textured background Oil Stick Color Chart

Working with Oil Sticks

Class Length: 4 or 6 hours


Create richly colored, patterned and textured fabrics with oil sticks. Oil sticks are fantastic for fabric painting because they show beautifully on both light and dark fabrics and do not change the fabric's hand or feel. Once properly cured and heat set, oil sticks are permanent and washable.

I will discuss what oil sticks are, what they are not, and how to use them. Then we will get busy, playing with stencils, masks, rubbings and more to create a collection of art cloths for future projects and further embellishing.

Skills and Skill levels required for class

Suitable for all skill levels.

Supply List

  • Light colored, natural fiber fabric, 1-2 yards, cut into fat quarters or eighths.
  • Dark colored, natural fiber fabric, 1-2 yards, cut into fat quarters or eights.
  • Plastic sheeting to transport painted fabrics.
  • Masking tape.
  • Scissors for cutting paper & such.
  • 2-3 stencil brushes or toothbrushes with flat bristles.
  • Wear clothing suitable for painting.
  • Optional:
    • stencils or rubbing materials.
    • xacto blade and cutting mat.

Lab Fee: $8.00

Lab fee includes:

  • One iridescent oil stick.
  • Class handout.
  • Use of instructor's oil sticks, stencils, masks and miscellaneous supplies.

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