Beading and Mixed Media Workshops & Lectures

This is a list of classes I am currently available to teach. See the course calendar for actual course offerings including dates and locations. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or lecture for your group, contact me for more information.

 Freeform & Sculptural Peyote

detail of freeform peyote, Autumn Glory bracelet

Choose Your Own Adventure: Freeform, Sculptural Peyote Bracelet - 6 hours
Make an original bracelet (or similar piece) that will redefine your ideas on creative beading.

detail of freeform peyote ruffles, Spanish Dancer bracelet

Freeform Peyote Ruffles - 6 hours
A variation on my Freeform Peyote Bracelet class, we will be focusing specifically on ruffles. You'll be able to complete a smaller project like a pair of earrings or pendant, or make a good start on a larger project such as a bracelet.

closeup, Spiral Dancer Earrings, Peacock color way

Spiral Dancer Earrings - 6 hours
Create flat spirals and lovely three-dimensional peyote stitch ruffles and make a unique pair of earrings. Decide whether yo want a mixed pair, or matches sets of spirals or ruffles.

closeup, Winter Flame beaded pendant

Winter Flame Earrings or Pendant - 3 hours
Learn to make these flame shaped designs capturing the warmth of and beauty of the heart of a candle flame.

 Lacework & Mixed Stitches

detail of lacework, Rainbow Reef bracelet

Lacework Bracelet - 3 hours
Work with seed beads and crystals to create an open, lacework bracelet with random right angle weave embodying the organic feel of the natural world rather than man-made symmetry or precision.

detail of lacework, Ice Flow bracelet

Glacial Ice Bracelet - 6 hours
Create an open, lacework bracelet shading through the colors of glacial ice from deep sapphire blues to crackling white.

Laceheart Leaf Earring, closeup

Laceheart Leaves - 3 hours
Create heart-shaped leaf designs using semi-freeform peyote stitch with a decorative lacy edging.

Six-sided Beaded Snowflake

Beaded Snowflakes and Stars - 6 hours
Learn a netting in the round technique using seed and bugle beads with crystal accents to create these open, lacy beaded snowflakes and stars.

 Right Angle Weave

detail, captured cabochon from Hunting Fae necklace

Capturing Cabochons - 6 hours Bring your own cabochon, or cabochon shaped object and I'll show you how to capture it with a mixture of right angle weave and peyote. The captured cabochon can be worn as a broach, used as a pendant or incorportated into more complex designs.

Corset & Stays Beaded Bead, Turquoise Antiquity Colorway

Corset & Stays Beaded Bead - 3 hours
Learn to stitch a decorative band of seed beads, then lace it onto your base bead, just like you'd cinch a lady into her corset. So much easier than trying to stitch on the base bead itself! Can be finished in a number of different ways.

2 right angle weave beaded rings

Pretty Little Rings - 1-2 hours
A quick and easy introduction to right angle weave, these cute little rings are as much fun to make as they are to wear and they make great gifts, too.

 Surface Design and Color

Working with Color Workbook

Working with Color Learn to work with color with confidence.

Working with Oil Sticks on Fabric

Working with Oil Sticks on Fabric - 4-6 hours
Create richly colored, patterned and textured fabrics with oil sticks.

Dyeing the Rainbow color swatches - purples, golds & browns

Dyeing the Rainbow - 6 hours
Learn the art of color mixing to create a rainbow palette of hand-dyed fabrics.

Faux Shibori Dye pattern

Creative Play with Dyes - 4 or 6 hours
Explore a wide range of surface design techniques using fiber reactive dyes.

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