Freeform Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Art Jewelry

Cover - Freeform Peyote Beading: Design & Creation of Original Wearable Art Jewlery

Published mid-September 2010, I designed Freeform Peyote Beading as a comprehensive look at the design and creation process of developing freeform, original designs. As such, it focuses not just on the beading process, but on design, inspiration and the use of color as well.

My thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write to me personally sharing photos, stories and suggestions, and to those who have written reviews on Amazon. Words are not enough to express my appreciation! Writing, by its nature, is a solitary endeavor very different from my teaching. I love hearing from those who are interested in freeform peyote or have purchased my book, and always enjoy seeing samples of your work.

Official Book Description

Make unique and original projects that will redefine your ideas on creative beading. Go beyond bead stringing and counted patterns into the exciting world of free-form stitching. Use an array of creative techniques to create jewelry so extraordinary they’re one-of-a-kind works of art. Personalize what you make with extensive ideas for developing your own original designs including an in-depth look at working with color.

Lavishly illustrated with over 200 photographs and diagrams, Freeform Peyote Beading: Design and Creation of Original Wearable Art Jewelry, provides techniques, ideas and methods for working combined with pictures, thoughts and author's notes walking you through the process of creating original jewelry.

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Kristen, who considers "freeform" a swear word, reviewed my book on the popular jewelry design blog, Art Jewelry Elements.

"I also like the way she tackles the techniques involved in freeform. Freeform beading is a mixture of building specific skills and following your own path/instincts as an artist, and it can be a challenge to explain for this reason -- but Karen blends these areas together very well. I especially liked the section on beaded beads". - Sarah of Saturday Sequins

Bobbie won a copy of my book in a drawing on my blog and shares a funny story about her first foray into freefrom peyote beading on her extremely fun blog, Beadsong Jewelry.

"Your work is AMAZING!! I ordered your book today, and can't wait for it to get here. Thank you for inspiring me". - Angela

"I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this form of beading. I am enjoying it a lot! The whole idea of building a story around a piece and just letting it form is very freeing". - Judy

Sample Pages from the Book's Interior

Tools and Materials Working with Design: The Language of Color Beading on the Go and Chapter Six: The Stitches Bridges, Accent Beads and Course Corrections: Freeform Peyote Techniques Finishing Techniques: Buttons & Closures Creation Process: Ocean Waves Collar

Read more about the design and creation of of this book.

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