Fancy Fish Beadwoven Friends

Fancy Fish Circle, PDF tutorial by Karen Williams

Create schools of fanciful fish, each sized perfectly to fit in the palm of your hand. Turn them into ornaments, pendants, earrings, or your own larger projects.

Try countless different variations with extensive suggestions and detailed instructions for variations in every aspect of the fish - body, tails, fins, eyes.

This is a beadweaving tutorial working with right angle weave designed for the intermediate beader.


* Twenty-four professionally designed pages featuring
* Over a hundred full-color photographs and illustrations
* Step by step instructions for random right angle weave, including decreases, two styles of increases, and joins
* Detailed, full-color beading diagrams for each step in creating the beaded fish
* Photo Essay chronicling the stages of work in full-color photographs

PDF download $18.00, Available through Etsy


"I just looked over the tute and its wonderful! Packed full of info... I am very familiar with raw so I won't have any problem. I've purchased a ton of tutorials over the years and I still so appreciate the ones that show more than just the project itself.... even if I don't need the stitch info its good to have as a refresher along with new or different ideas with the stitch. Excellent job on this tutorial!!" - Emma

"I've read through it while having my coffee and HAD to tell you what an awesome and incredibly tutorial it is!! I don't think I have ever read a more thorough and comprehensive tutorial. I knew it would be wonderful after having seen your freeforming tutorial, but this is just spectacular. And all of the variations and ideas you've included!!! Just so very inspiring." - Nancy

"I think this will be a great summer learning experience for me, which is a time of year that I usually don't bead and don't try anything new. So a clean slate and colorful fish and an uncluttered mind! I adore the whimsy of these fancy fish". - Christine

Additional Images

Half circle of seven Fancy Fish by artist Karen Williams

Fish Circle: a conclave of seven Fancy Fish

Full shot: Rosy Fish held in artist's hand, by Karen Williams

A fish in the hand is worth two in the current?

Sample Pages: Fancy Fish Tutorial with several fish checking out the tutorial

School's in session; several Fancy Fish study the tutorial pages

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